March 1, 2021 Announcements

A Message from the Principal – March 2021

During the month of March, the teachers at the Career Academy will be focusing on math in CTE (career and technical education). Math is a critical component of our programming, but so often our students fail to see the connection between what they’ve learned in the algebra classroom and what they are learning on our campus. This month our teachers are going to be intentional in pointing out these connections, and asking students to not only problem solve, but also justify the process. This might make our brains hurt a little, but as the saying goes, no pain no gain. Our goal is to help every student reach proficiency on the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP), and to help them see value in what they are learning both at the Career Academy and in their traditional high school courses. If you’re up for a challenge, give this a try at home. When your child is cooking ask them to do unit conversions from ounces to cups, and back again. When they are watching tik tok ask them how many views the video has and then ask them to double it. It may be easy for them to respond but follow it up asking them how they came up with their answer. Talking through our processes and justifying our answers improves our number sense.

Wishing you well,

Katie Towler