September 10, 2021 Believe. Achieve. Succeed

Success Story: Mercy Oyadare, Alum, North High School

Mercy Oyadare
North High School alum Mercy Oyadare credits the Sioux City Community School District with helping her graduate with a solid work ethic and the drive to accomplish a number of goals she set for herself in school and today in her marketing career.

Sioux City, Iowa – There’s nothing flashy about the secret to Mercy Oyadare’s success.

The oldest daughter of two Nigerian immigrants, Mercy credits her success to old fashioned work ethic. A Sioux City North High School alum, Mercy was a four-sport athlete in high school before attending the University of Sioux Falls on a track scholarship. She credits teachers and coaches like North High School track and field assistant coach Abdier Marrero for inspiring her to achieve her goals.

“Coach Marrero was easily my favorite coach. He was so hardworking, passionate, and consistent. He’s just a great guy and loves what he does which translates into him being an amazing coach.”

Today, as a Marking Coordinator for CNOS in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, Mercy understands the impact that an open mind and heart can have on one’s success.

“I encourage people to do their best to enjoy what they’re doing. If you don’t like something, switch things up. You’ll thank yourself later. I’m a firm believer that if we valued life more – starting with little things like respecting others’ differences, we’d have fewer problems.”