November 1, 2021 Announcements

November Message from our Counselor, Mr. Jeff Lucas

Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP): Parents should have received a text or an e mail over the last two weeks in regards to your son/daughter’s ICAP. Students are required by the state to submit a yearly ICAP that includes career options they are considering, education they need to reach their career goals (high school courses and college programs of study)and possible post-secondary schools that provide the degree or program of study to reach their career goal(s). The e mail or text you received gives you access to see your son or daughter’s ICAP. The site Sioux City Schools uses to complete the yearly ICAP is

Iowa College Access Network (ICAN): The Iowa College Access Network is a great resource for students in grades 9 thru 12 and parents. The ICAN site has a variety of resources including college planning, career planning, financial aid help and success in high school. Find out more at Parent and students can sign up for e mail alerts from ICAN at the following link

FAFSA: The FAFSA opened on October 1st. Beginning October 1st seniors could begin submitting their FAFSA to qualify for financial aid in the fall of 2022. Some schools have a FAFSA priority deadline. Remember to check the college’s admission page or financial aid page to see if there is an upcoming priority deadline. Submitting your FAFSA before the priority deadline increases your chances of being awarded the maximum amount of financial aid. If you are not familiar with the FAFSA contact your home high school counselor or Mr. Lucas at the Career Academy.

Scholarship Opportunities: Seniors, as we move further into the school year there will be more opportunities to apply for scholarships. If you have not checked out the scholarship lists in Canvas remember to do so! Each high school has a monthly list in the District Homeroom/Advisory course in Canvas. All students have access to this course thru Canvas. Check the financial aid links at colleges you are applying to for school specific scholarships and have an online scholarship account set up as well. A couple common sites are and