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Every delicious taste and smell you love is the original creation of a culinary expert. What mouthwatering samples will you whip up?

Pathway Description

The culinary pathway prepares students for a successful restaurant and foodservice career. Students learn important skills and gain valuable experience in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Key Competencies

  • Demonstrate the techniques and practices for food safety and work place safety in the hospitality and food industry.
  • Develop professional skills for the food industry.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and practices required for food production and services.
  • Explore controlling foodservice costs.
  • Explore purchasing and inventory procedures.
  • Identify and recognize marketing and menu concepts.
  • Apply the principles of conversation in foodservice.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

4029 Exploring FCS Pathways (2)
4021 Culinary Essentials (2)
4032 ProStart I (2)
4033 ProStart II (2)
X065 Internship (2)

Total College Credits:

ProStart certification


Annual National Average Salary for Chef: $43,100

Career Opportunities

  • Chef
  • Restaurant Host
  • Food Scientist
  • Mixologist
  • Restaurant Manager

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