Admin Office Management, Bookkeeping, & Office Support

As gatekeepers of executive offices, schools, and local small businesses, administrative staff are important members of any organization. They connect departments and people, and also help keep companies profitable. Are you that person?

Pathway Description

This program prepares individuals to perform the duties of administrative assistants. It includes instruction in business communications, proofreading and editing, keyboarding and document processing, office procedures, business etiquette, basic accounting, filing systems and records management, and presentation preparation. Individuals also receive in-depth instruction in word processing, database, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Key Competencies

  • Learn personal traits, telephone skills, communication processing capabilities, office supplies and equipment, and material utilization.

  • Learn the key skills needed to arrange travel, meetings, and conferences, efficiently and effectively.

  • Explore the modern-day office and refine skills associate with communication effectively in the office.

  • Discover the principles of business writing, including business letters, memorandums, and e-mail communication.

  • Understand basic concepts of information systems and computer literacy.

  • Accurately analyze spreadsheets and database management systems.

  • Master the alphabetic keyboard, review numeric and symbol keyboard reaches, and understand the formatting of business documents including memorandums.

  • Practice proofreading and editing handwritten, typewritten, and printed material.

  • Understand grammar principles including sentence structure and correct usage of all parts of speech.

  • Create, collect, process, maintain, retrieve, use, store, disseminate, and dispose of records using an electronic records system.

  • Explore numeric, geographic, and subject filing rules.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

BG43 Office Procedures (1)
BG16 Business Communications (2)
9GG9 Information Computing (1)
BG50 Document Formatting (1)
BG51 Proofreading and Editing (1)
BG52 Electronic Records System (1)

Total College Credits: 18


Annual National Average Salary for an Administrative Assistant: $42,800

Career Opportunities

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Facilities Manager

  • Office Manager

  • Records & Inventor Manager

  • Secretary