Our 30+ Pathways

Pathways to the Future

Students can explore opportunities with the Sioux City Career Academy to develop their passions and learn what they love.

Experience It All

The Sioux City Career Academy offers over 30 pathways for students to explore. Each pathway is a career-focused sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to post-secondary education and careers. By enrolling in Career Academy courses, students can benefit from both high school and college credits, at no cost to students or parents.

For the student still exploring what the future holds – the Sioux City Career Academy allows exploration. Students can test a class in any pathway until he or she finds a passion because deciding to participate in the Sioux City Career Academy does not limit a student to testing just one career opportunity. Rather, exploring these pathways in high school allows students to make a more educated decision about a future college major or career selection.

Find a Focus

For the student with a clear vision for his or her future career and education goals, the opportunity exists to follow a pathway from start to finish. In many instances, focusing on one career pathway can help a student earn enough credits to fulfill a year of a bachelor’s degree, complete an associate’s degree, or even earn a certification in the field of emphasis.

Our 30+ Pathways

Click any link below for an in-depth look at our 30+ pathways. In addition, our High School Course Guide outlines a complete list of corresponding courses offered in each Pathway. These courses are updated each academic year.