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Pathway Description

The courses in this 1-year regional pathway are designed to transfer into a four-year college business program.

Key Competencies

  • Develop the skills needed for a professional secretary’s position in a modern-day office, such as personal traits, telephone skills, communication processing capabilities, office supplies and equipment, and material utilization.

  • Practice utilizing business resources, making travel arrangements, arranging meetings and conferences.

  • Performing banking responsibilities.

  • The student will be equipped to handle these functions in a modern-day office and will refine skills associate with communication effectively in the office.

  • Explore the principles of business writing, emphasizing the most important and frequently written business correspondence including business letters, memorandums, and e-mail.

  • Understand the basic concepts of information systems and computer literacy, including spreadsheets and database management systems (DBMS).

  • Discover internal and external business functions, including economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, and management as well as related domestic and international business issues.

  • Practice theoretical planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling formal and informal organizations of all sizes.

  • Studying consumer and organizational buying behavior, targeting market opportunities, developing and managing new products, marketing channels, logistics, and strategic market planning and implementation.


View the High School Course Guide for an in-depth look at the courses outlined below.

High School Credits:

BG43    Office Procedures (1)
BG16    Business Communications (2)
9GG9   Information Computing (1)
B601    Introduction to Business (1)
B601    Principals of Management (1)
B605    Principals of Marketing (1)

Total College Credits: 18


Annual National Average Salary for a Marketing Coordinator: $44,800

Career Opportunities

  • Accountant

  • Entrepreneur

  • Financial Advisor

  • Marketing Coordinator